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Counterfeit products are at an all-time high. We’re here to help brands protect their identity and reputation. Our holistic suite of technology and hardware solutions is designed to give brands multiple layers of brand verification on virtually any product — and beat counterfeiters at their own game.


Leverage advanced encryption technology and fortify your products with multiple layers of authentication security. Our cutting-edge product tag and verification system makes it virtually impossible to duplicate your products while pinpointing any events of tampering.

Product Summary


Our solutions encompass all angles of covert, overt, tamperproof and track and traceability features in line with strict anti-counterfeiting regulations around the world.

Reseller Solutions

Our brand verification solutions are designed for adaptability in a wide-range of industry sectors. From high-value retail products to second-hand market resale, we’ve got you covered.

HD RFID Tagged security label

Some manufacturers may opt for an extra measure of market flexibility whereby HD RFID product tags are embedded within the product itself. This allows high-value products to reach second-hand markets and boutique stores with full authenticity and tracking details inclusive of previous ownership, product lifecycle, and brand certification.

This functionality also aides Boutique stores that deal with high value items resold into the second hand market, by helping them to ensure and guarantee the validity of an item by providing a lifecycle timeline with data stored on previous owners, and supervising boutiques etc.


Tailored to your needs

From manufacturer to reseller to consumer, we deliver brand verification solutions designed to adapt to the needs of many.

customise your solutions

NoClones ensures the ideal brand verification solution fit for your industry.

We offer designs and technology based on unique specifications that range in dimensions, security features, and flexible customisation options.


Management Platform

Adaptable to your needs

Assign barcodes to products seamlessly with the NoClones management dashboard, where you can place orders and view a host of data measurement points to expand your realm of consumer-driven data.

All data is stored in encrypted cloud storage centers.

Industry Sectors

Fitting the needs of many

Wellbeing & Pharmaceuticals

Computing & Electronics

Luxury Retail & Fashion

One of our greatest strengths lies in adapting to a broad spectrum of industry needs. By focusing on relevant regulations and delivering deep-dive, onboarding methodologies unique to your industry sector, we are able to achieve innovative brand verification solutions that symbolise the cutting edge.

Protect your brand

Bolster your brand goals with impenetrable brand verification security and meet consumer demand with every product. Contact us to learn more. 

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